Safe & Responsible FIND OUT MORE We pride ourselves on being a good neighbor, employer and taxpayer. We take the community’s concerns very seriously and have dedicated significant resources, time and energy to be the best neighbor and employer we can be. In 2019, we invested over $2.2 million in a state-of-the-art Gas Collection and Control System (GCCS), which includes 70 gas extraction wells aimed at reducing the potential for odors to escape from the landfill (including 20 in December 2019 alone).

Responsible and Safe Waste Disposal and Recycling Services

Winnebago Landfill Company, part of the Rock River Environmental Services, provides safe, responsible and efficient solid waste disposal and recycling services throughout northern Illinois, including the Chicago area. As a result of our diversified operations, including landfills, transfer stations, and compost services, we can accommodate just about any disposal need that arises.

Winnebago Landfill Company pays host fees to our siting authority, Winnebago County, for each ton of waste deposited in the landfill. The host fee is an agreed-upon amount that we pay to the county, in addition to taxes and other fees. These fees go directly to the county’s general fund and are used at the discretion of the Winnebago County Board. One major use of the host fees is to provide funding for several local non-profit organizations.

Landfills in general are increasingly becoming regional in nature. Gone are the days when many small communities in the same region each had their own landfills; there are now fewer and larger landfills. This evolution toward regional landfills has been driven by increased environmental regulatory standards, cost of construction, operation, and closure of landfill units.

At Winnebago Landfill, we receive waste from eight different counties in the Northern Illinois region.

Request Waste Disposal Services

For your convenience we have provided these downloadable forms online. To initiate service, please fill out the appropriate form from the following menu, depending on the type of service you will need. If you have any questions about which form to use or any of the items within the forms, please call us at 815-668-7504.

Our Priorities


Winnebago Landfill only accepts non-hazardous solid waste for disposal.


Aligning our investments to further advance our commitment to a sustainable future.

Importance of Safety

We strive to assure complete safety of our employees, our customers and the public in all of our operations. Protection from accident or injury is paramount in all we do. Winnebago Landfill’s strong compliance, operational and safety record in conjunction with its state-of-the-art practices are helping to improve area groundwater conditions, conditions that were deteriorated under former landfill owners.

Winnebago Landfill is owned and operated by Waste Connections, an integrated solid waste services company.

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Winnebago Landfill

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