A Plan for Today and for the Future

Winnebago Landfill Company offers two landfill locations that provide responsible and convenient waste disposal. Winnebago Landfill is located just west of I-39 at the Baxter Road exit; Rochelle Landfill is slightly east of I-39 at the I-38 exit. Both landfills are totally committed to safe and efficient solid waste disposal and recycling.

Winnebago Landfill

The Winnebago Landfill and the Winnebago Reclamation Service began its operation in 1972. We are a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill and abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Our solid waste landfill consists of the landfill, a recyclables processing center, landfill gas-to-energy processing, and associated ancillary services.

Liquids that are collected from the drainage system are treated at our modern wastewater treatment facility in Rockford, Illinois. And, with an eye toward safety, a network of groundwater monitoring wells located throughout the facility is monitored regularly to ensure proper operation.

An expansion of the landfill was granted in July 2012. The expansion “footprint” will occupy approximately 222 acres within an 855 acre Facility boundary and allow for the landfill to continue to operate and serve northern Illinois communities in a safe environmentally sound manner for many years.

Winnebago Landfill is owned and operated by Waste Connections, an integrated solid waste services company.

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Winnebago Landfill

8403 Lindenwood Road

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